Electric Fire Alarm Systems

Electric Fire Alarm Systems

We install electrical fire alarms in industrial, office and residential premises, according to our own projects or according to projects supplied by the client.

We are certified for the supply and installation of ZETTLER equipment. In addition to supply and installation, we also provide fire alarm control panel software, including recovery and connections to higher-level systems.

In addition to the supply and installation of EPS equipment, we also provide the implementation of fire seals and gaskets. This ensures the original fire resistance of the structures from being compromised.

We provide certified solutions and material specifications for securing entries and joints in fire-resistant ceilings and walls. The supplied fire-resistant materials help to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases, thereby minimising loss of life and damage to property.

We provide a 60-month warranty on the work performed and guarantee warranty and post-warranty service within 24 hours.

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