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The company DANOS Pardubice, s.r.o. started its activity in 1993. Over time, the company opened an official branch in Staré Hradiště near Pardubice, where it is still based today and where almost all of the company's activities are concentrated.

The focus of the company's activities is based on many years of experience in the field of MaC (measurement and control) in the food, chemical and mechanical industries, as well as in the fields of air-conditioning, boiler-room automation and similar fields.

The company DANOS Pardubice, s.r.o. has obtained trade licenses for installation, repair and service of electrical and electronic equipment, their designing, including inspection reports and manufacture of switchboards.

The credo of the company is high quality of assembly work and maximum customer satisfaction. This is what DANOS Pardubice, s.r.o. tries to ensure by providing a 60-month warranty on installation work and guaranteeing service within 24 hours. The projects that our company has carried out are listed on the Testimonials page. The company has participated in these projects both by deliveries and installation, including project documentation.

DANOS Pardubice, s.r.o. also deals with wiring of buildings (industrial and other), from the project to delivery, installation and commissioning with the issuance of an initial inspection report, all with warranty period and service. Project documentation is prepared on PC in AutoCAD compatible programs. This allows us to provide our customers with documentation both in the traditional form and in electronic form.

The company DANOS Pardubice, s.r.o. offers the production of atypical distribution cabinets with components according to the investor's wishes or recommends these components to the investor.

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