DANOS Pardubice, s.r.o.

Ohrazenická 188
533 52 Staré Hradiště

Tel.: 466 412 481
Tel.: 466 412 488

About us

The company was established on 3rd January 1993 by a merger of two physical persons into one legal entity called DANOS v.o.s. The form of commercial partnership was chosen due to easier method of taxation.

The area of activities is based upon long-term expirience in the Measurement and Regulation business in food, chemical and mechanical engineering industry and in the area of air-conditioning, boiler rooms automation etc.

DANOS Pardubice, s.r.o. holds trade certifies for installation, repairs and maintenance of electrical and electrotechnical devices, their design, including revision protocols. The company is also entitled to carry out business activities.

During the four years, the firm has gone trought a dramatic growth, the number of employees has increased from two to fifteen. We established a project office focusing on heavy-current and light-current electric devices in Prague. The firm's turnover has increased from Kč 700.000 in 1993 to Kč 18.000.000 in 1998.

The firm is known for its high quality if installation works and maximum satisfaction of its customers due to its installation works warranty being 60 months and service within 24 hours, where possible. A list of implemented projects is on Reference page. As to these projects, the firm provided supplies as well as installations and projects documentation.

In order to secure its projects, the firm developed and currently produces a programmable measurement device DANOS 03 which processes any electric signal from peripherals. Currently, DANOS uses PCLs made by ALLEN BRADLEY, MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, HONNEYWELL, LANDIS and GYR and TOSHIBA for the control of technology processes. DANOS is in substitution of TOSHIBA in Czech republic for selling frequency changers TOSHIBA VF-S7, VF-A5, VT130G3.

DANOS is also interested in electro-installation of buildings (industrial as well as other) from projection to revison inclusive supplies. Projection proceeds at the same time with realisation. Project documentation is processed on PC in software compatible with AutoCAD®.

On January 1998 was entranced centre in Staré Hradiště near Pardubice where is concetraded most of activities of the firm (offices, production areas and a sales shop where we offer and sell all control system applications). Project office seat in Prague-Malešice.

In present we prepare introduction of ISO 9000.

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